Civil Construction, road, bridge and infrastructure


"Moncon Construction" LLC was established in 2010 with the aim of building civil and industrial construction and infrastructure construction.

Since its beggining, our company has been building construction projects of their own, and has successfully completed various civil and industrial buildings in accordance to the corporate and civil orders. In addition, we have been honoring the quality and safety of our licenses, such as building and construction of roads and bridges.

In recent years, we are focusing on developing skills of our engineers and technicians in the construction and varius projects of multinational corporations in Mongolia. It also aims to improve the quality of its construction by utilizing advanced technologies that meet international standards and requirements.

Building Maintenance and Renovation, Interiors and Building Area Development

Interior Design and Decorations

Precast, block, steel reinforced concrete, wooden structure based construction, expansion and renovation

Precast, block, steel reinforced concrete structure based construction, and whole precast structures and construction

Block and precast concrete, steel reinforced concrete and metal structure facilities high up to 30 m, such as towers, pillars, s

Installation of heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage networks, and their equipment and appliances

Installation of lighting, electricity supply, communication, internet and fire alarm systems, and their equipment and appliances

Connection to the main sewerage system and installation of equipment and appliances


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